Sunday, April 1, 2012

Common Taiwanese Dishes

Here are reference translations and notes for some common Taiwanese dishes. Please leave any notes and comments in the notes.

I especially appreciate #15 (大腸包小腸 Two-in-One Sausage Wrap) for its clever English translation, which is similar in approach to the Chinese name.


#01 甜不辣, Tempura made by frying fresh fish and flour

#02 小籠包 Steamed Pork Dumplings Xiaolong Bao

#03 切仔麵 Soup Noodles

#04 羊肉爐 Mutton Hotpot

#05. 肉圓 Taiwanese Meatballs A sticky jelly-like dough filled with pork, bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, and served with a savory sweet sauce.

#06 薑母鴨 Ginger Duck Soup With Chinese Herbs Put lots of old ginger into the rice wine hot pot.(no water) Then put the healthy Muscovy Duck 紅面番鴨 which is raised in the countryside. Cook it for about one hour. This kind of soup builds up your strength and strengthens your immune system very well. It's also a traditional Chinese dish for women who have just given birth

#07 珍珠奶茶 Pearl Milk Tea It is made from a mixture of black tea, milk, and sago pearls. The combination of fragrant tea and chewy sago has made this beverage popular not only in Taiwan but in other countries as well.

#08 臭豆腐 Smelly Bean Curd Deep fry the smelly bean curd, then stuff in some mashed garlic, chopped scallion. Finally, add some chili sauce and soy bean sauce. Don't forget the pickled cabbage.

#09 牛肉麵 Beef Noodles Red cooked beef (cooked in soy sauce) several kinds of traditional Chinese herbs are added to create a delicious flavor

#10 八寶冰 Eight Treasure Shaved Ice The ingredients usually include some of the following: taro, adzuki beans, mung beans, yams, sweetened peanuts, almond (custard) pudding, and grass jelly

#11 鹹酥雞 Salty Deep-Fried Pepper chicken A little bit salty, a little bit spicy, with juicy fried chicken. The best way to enjoy this dish is with beer.

#12 鱔魚麵 Eel noodles

#13 Braised (pot roast) Pork and Rice in Soy Sauce. Sometimes it is made with mushroom sauce and other ingredients.

#14 仙草芋圓, Grass Jelly and Ground Taro Balls Scientific name: Mesona chinensis

#15 大腸包小腸 Two-in-One Sausage Wrap Taiwanese 'pork sausage (placed) inside a (larger) sticky 'rice sausage (which has been slit down the middle)

#16 魷魚羹 Squid Thick Soup I know this dish very well because my parents have been selling squid soup for about 25 years

#17 木瓜牛奶 Papaya Milk Shake Cut up some papaya, add milk and sugar to taste, and some water or ice cubes. Blend everything until it is smooth. Don't wait too long too long to drink it. Otherwise, the drink will clot and turn bitter.

#18 鼎邊銼 Potside Scraping Soup Soup made with thick rice noodles scraped off the sides of the pot (Ding Bian Cuo)

#19 四神湯 Four Herb Soup

#20 筒仔米糕 Savory Rice Pudding In a Tube

#21 當歸麵線 Dang Gui Thin Noodles (vermicelli) Scientific name: Angelica sinensis

#22 棺材板 Coffin Bread (a Tainan delicacy) A sandwich made from a thick slice of bread with a hollow center filled with a mixture of chicken meat and liver, shrimp, carrots, potatoes, and milk covered with another piece of bread

#23 潤餅 Mixed Vegetable Roll (Taiwanese Burrito) Semi-crispy super-thin flour crepes filled with a variety of fillings, such as powdered sugar, peanut powder, boiled cabbage, bean sprouts, sliced fried eggs, barbecued pork, pork and even seafood. Taiwanese crepes are the made from the same dough as spring rolls (春捲) in Taiwan

#24 蚵仔煎 Taiwanese Oyster Omelet Made of Taiwanese oysters, vegetables, eggs and potato starch. Mix the potato starch with water, then add some oil in a pan and fry the liquid. Add some oysters, vegetables and eggs on the side. Add some sauce. Sea-fresh oysters are the most important ingredient in this popular snack. The oysters are coated in potato starch and tapioca. Eggs and leafy vegetables (香菜 cilantro) are added to the mixture, which is fried over a high flame. A sweet and sour sauce further adds to the delicious taste.

Here is (almost) the same text in prettier graphic form (click on each image to see it full-sized):


  1. I pretty like Taiwanese food. When I trip other country. I always miss Taiwanese food. especial Oster Omelet which is my best favorite.

  2. I think Taiwan must be the best gourmet country in the world. You can eat like these dishes and many other kinds of Taiwanese snacks where ever and whenever you want. No matter what kinds of them are cheap and delicious. It is unique to Taiwan's food culture. I’m glad to be a Taiwanese because I am greedy.

  3. Someone said Taiwan is a greedy island. But I don't think so at all. It must be that there are a lot of gourmet food everywhere in Taiwan. Taiwan are famous in many snacks. There are cheap and delicious. I am so lucky living in Taiwan.

  4. It's a difficult topic for me, especially when I have been try to losing my weight for a while. I'm too fat and it's unhealthy. Those 24 dishes above I had tasted them all and I had tasted many kind of Taiwanese food much more than them I guess. I think it is more important that how to get balance between so much delicious and health.

  5. Dear tehcher, I love soup dishes very much and tonight I was on my way home and kept thinking about this soup : 四物湯. Last 2 weeks we've learned about 四神湯 Four Herb Soup and 四物湯 is also a Chinese herb soup which women should have after finishing their period every month. I checked on google and found this : Siwu tang (四物湯). Is this right ? Isn't this Four treasure something soup ?

  6. I went to SOGO departantment store last weekend. I heard that papaya milk shake could not add the milk first form the man who sell that juice machine. He said that adding milk when suger, papaya, and ice are mixed, and it will be not bitter.