Sunday, June 17, 2012

Interpretation Final Exam

Please watch the following three videos from Audrey Ronquilo's very useful self-defense series for women who know nothing about martial arts:

How to Use "NO" for Women's Self Defense

How to Do the Horse Stance for Women's Self Defense

How to do Palm Heel Strikes in Women's Self Defense

For your final examination, you will be asked to interpret these English videos into Chinese. You will be graded for

1) fluency (lack of hesitation),

2) accuracy (correct translation of all topic-related terms), and

3) completeness (nothing was skipped: all significant content has been rendered)

 Audrey Ronquillo is a gorgeous
Résumé image from

"Canadian born, second generation Filipino/Chinese-American. (Google's web cache is much faster than becomeahost)." You can watch her complete video series on YouTube, but watching it on eHow is better because they provide a transcript (with minor errors):


  1. Note that this video is available on YouTube, but it has attracted many nasty, hateful comments. Some of them say that these videos are too idealistic: a woman's hands are usually much softer than a man's, so it is not easy to hurt bad guys. What's more, they will probably get angry and fight back.

    I don't know enough about martial arts to give advice, but it seems like a good idea to always pay attention in the street (don't listen to your iPod or chat on the phone) and be ready to run as fast as possible (i.e. don't wear high heels if you're alone).

    1. Oops! I should have said "THESE videos" (there are several). Please share your ideas on this blog.

  2. Maybe a woman is difficult to fight a man. But that's why these videos want to show how to self-defense. Besides the bad guy who invade you perhaps is a female not a male. It's very useful for women, I think. Furthermore I suppose it's helpful for a man who is not so strong, too. These videos' purpose is obviously teaching you how to defend by yourself when you're alone. NOT try to teach you martial arts to anger the people around you and fight them.

  3. When I saw these films first time, I‘ve thought about the question. The news had reported many of the murder caused by the victim's resistance( especially for the women).
    I wondered that when a woman was attacked. Could the horse stance helpful? However different types of crimes connect different result. Maybe you can use them in some situations, but other's can’t.
    No wonder I love to watch these videos. Because of Audrey’s sound is clear and comfortable. And the subjects are obvious and easy to understand.

  4. I am a woman. When I watched it in the first time, I didn't think too much. I Just want to know what she teach and how to do. I think some are good for women, especially she use a tool which can hit bad guy, I relly want to buy it after I watch that film, otherwise another film teach us when a bad guy hold you how to succeed in escaping. that act very easy and helpful for me.

    1. Two things to remember:

      1) You need to practice these moves many times to improve your speed and toughen your body

      2) It's better if you can practice on real targets. Some classes in the US let you practice by hitting a policeman or a soldier wearing body protection:

  5. This videos can help the women how to protect yourself,when i first see the videos i don't really care about it,now i see all the videos i know women can protect yourself,it's good videos.

  6. These videos can help women learn to protect themselves. When I first saw these lessons, I didn't really care about them, but now that I have seen all of the videos, I know that women don't have to feel helpless. This series of lessons is practical and well-taught

    Thank you for your intelligent comment. I have improved the writing style by:

    A) using related words to avoid unnecessary repetition:
    videos ~ lessons ~ series
    protect themselves ~ don't have to feel helpless

    B) avoiding overused and relatively meaningless words such as "good." Notice how I didn't say "good" comment (What does "good" mean? Clear, interesting, funny, informative ...?)