Sunday, June 10, 2012

Self Defense Notes

Useful self defense vocabulary:

640px-Pepper_spray_Demonstration (Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons)
If you carry a small can of pepper spray, you can blind an attacker by spraying it into his eyes. This will give you time to run away.

Your palm can be an effective weapon

A man who attacks a woman might get a knee in the groin

Some notes on today's videos:

video 1: 

your elbows back
wider than
attack ~ assault
"assault and battery"
with our fists pulled back

you can be in somewhat of a stance
you just need to aim
down, directly and hard
with focus and direction
you don't want to miss
the belly button
the thigh
put some shoulder into it

Notes for video 2 appear below:

video 2:  

These shoes are cute
what I do like to use the stiletto for?

A stiletto is a knife with a very thin sharp blade (Gunners_stiletto_01, jerryk50, public domain from Wikimedia)

This is not an ordinary high heeled shoe: it has a stiletto heel. (sipping champagne from a slipper (flickr--48089670AT N00 SLASH 204045245) by tobym, CC-NC-ND)

in case your attacker has a knife
put it on your hand

now, where are you protected?

I'm protected around my wrist [cf. wristwatch]

in case you get sliced

hammer strike to the eye, to the groin

those are really good uses for your stiletto

when you walk to your car
remember: buddy system, try not to walk alone

always remember this: before you even leave the store, the gym, wherever you're coming from, take your keys out of your purse, so that you're not fumbling for them in the dark when you get to your car

i have a couple of things on my keychain

the first one is very obvious, it's pepper spray,

it will blind the attacker

a kubotan (sometimes misspelled as kubaton) is a keychain weapon invented by a Japanese martial arts instructor living in the US.

640px-Kubotan (public domain image from Wikimedia)

Your simple weapons won't help you if you meet an attacker wearing a suit of armor. This one includes an armored codpiece, which protects a soldier's groin. But don't worry: armor is very heavy, so you can probably outrun a man in a suit of armor! (Important Protection (Flickr, 95492938 AT N00 SLASH 1203045635) by Kaptain Kobold, CC-NC-SA)


  1. Pepper spray is good for self defense. It's easy to carry and immediate results.

  2. the last picture is pretty funny.....haha

  3. I agree to Peyyi. I laughed when I saw the picture. It's very funny. Thank you for your introduction. This series of film are clear and useful( for interpretation and women).

  4. I think it useful for us especially girls. Thank you teacher give us this movies.

  5. It's good to learn some martial arts to protect us in any time . In these films we can learn how to use something nearby,like high heels or stiletto to protect our safety.
    Yeah, I think everyone can run fast then the person who wear a suit of armor.

    1. I think is not helpful for you, maybe it's helpful for your children. you can prepare or buy one for them...haha...