Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Problem: "The refrigerator videos are too difficult!"

Solution: The refrigerator videos not really that difficult. I understand that they are unfamiliar for most people in this class (They were for me, too!), but these videos do present several advantages:

1] They form part of a series, so everybody is listening to the same speaker speaking about the same basic topic. When I explain the homework on Sunday, nobody should feel lost because "That's somebody else's topic!"

2] The videos are very visual. When the speaker mentions a part or a procedure, he points to something and actually does the procedure himself. This helps you understand what he's saying.

3] Documents are available so that you can check for the spelling of unfamiliar technical terms. Actually, if you know the rules of English spelling, you probably don't even need to look. You can make an educated guess.

The biggest problem with these videos is probably not the fact that the topic is unfamiliar. The number of unfamiliar terms in each video is actually quite limited. The biggest problem is coping with English spoken at normal speed. That's what I plan to help you with.

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  1. You are at pains to teach us.tks...
    maybe next time..we can discuss what topic is good for us.
    interesting topic is happy to learn that make learning better than others.