Sunday, March 25, 2012

Taiwanese Menu Game

To get ready for our game, please look up the following items commonly eaten in Taiwan:

八寶冰, 大腸包小腸, 小籠包, 切仔麵, 木瓜牛奶, 牛肉麵, 仙草芋圓, 四神湯, 羊肉爐, 肉圓, 珍珠奶茶, 臭豆腐, 甜不辣, 蚵仔煎, 棺材板, 筒仔米糕, 當歸麵線, 鼎邊銼, 滷肉飯, 潤餅, 魷魚羹, 薑母鴨, 鹹酥雞, 鱔魚麵

Please think carefully and choose the best translation for each item. Remember that good translations should be:

A) CLEAR: a foreigner should be able to look at/hear the name and guess what it is. Transliteration/romanization should be avoided. If possible, try to modify an existing word with a similar meaning, such as: "Chinese ravioli" (因為ravioli 是家喻戶曉的義大利名菜,所以取不太邏輯的名稱「中國的義大利餃子」)

B) ATTRACTIVE (the words should sound good: alliteration, rhyme and rhythm): 狗不理包子 Tianjin Boss is Busy Buns)

C) CULTURALLY ACCEPTABLE to English-speaking foreigners: e.g. "fungus" ~ "mushroom," but "mushroom" is much more acceptable, so 木耳 should NOT be translated as "tree fungus" (聽起來很噁心!). 木耳="tree mushroom" (可能好吃,外國人可以接受)

Questions, Problems, Comments?
If you have questions or problems with any of your translations, please add talk about two dishes. Which dish are you commenting on? Please give the number and the name. If you have no problem at all, just write "x" in the box.

Some foreigners are VERY careful about what they eat (because of their religion or because they are allergic/squeamish). They will ask you EXACTLY what each dish contains.

Choose five of the above dishes, write the # and Chinese name, list the main ingredients and add a short comment (say anything you want). Please choose only ONE noodle dish.


"#17 木瓜牛奶: A papaya milk shake contains papaya, fresh milk, and sugar (some places add honey instead). Drink your papaya milk shake quickly. Otherwise, it will curdle and turn bitter."

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