Saturday, March 10, 2012

Refrigerator Video Dictation

On Sunday or Monday (March 11~March 12) choose one of the eight videos.

Then, following the procedure I explained two weeks ago, write down the first ten sentences in your video. The introduction is almost the same for each video. Please do not write down the introduction (the first sentence):

0 = "Hi, and welcome back to True's owner maintenance video series."

Start from the next sentence:

1 = "In this segment, we're going to cover ..."

2 = ...


10 = ...

To look up technical terms for your video, use the two owner's manual PDF files
   1) Installation  Manual  For  T-Series Freezer/Refrigerator (Swing  And  Slide  Door)    and
   2) the spec sheet for the T-43 Solid Door Refrigerator

The original instructions for how to do a video dictation are here.

Please record your choices below the break (click "

Choose a video and record your choice here:


  1. I've wrote done the whole speaking of the video. It took me more then 4hrs. I still have many words that I didn't know. But I think that I had done my best.

    Dear Mr. Matthew I thought you gave us too much homework and beyond our ability.

  2. Dear sir.;
    About the Video homework of the refrigerator' s maintenance. All of us think it not interesting. Next time, can you change another more interesting type. like ten tips to success and Set a safe area to dogs. We think it will be fun. thank you.

  3. Dear Teacher
    I agree with Daniel beacuse we also need work and we don't have much time can do it. I know we need study hard. but in our job have a lot of thing we need to do.
    Thank you for your understanding.

  4. Job and family come first. Please do as much as you can (~ 2 hours would be good), and I'll help you overcome the problems I notice. Next time, I'll choose a more stimulating topic.

  5. Dear Teacher:
    I have worked very hard to heard but many I do not understand, please forgive me.

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